Is Bleeding After Rectal Intercourse Cause Of Concern?

Is Bleeding After Rectal Intercourse Cause Of Concern?

Bleeding after rectal intercourse typically is cause that is n’t concern.

Lots of people encounter light spotting every so often as a result of nature that is delicate of cells involved.

If you’re experiencing heavier bleeding, however, it might be a indication of an underlying condition or injury that needs to be addressed.

You ought to see a medical expert or other doctor in the event that you experience discomfort that lasts for more than two days if you notice more than a couple of drops of light pink blood, or.

Here’s just how to identify the main cause, strategies for relief, how exactly to lower your danger for future bleeding, and much more.

Bleeding after rectal intercourse is generally the consequence of too friction that is much rough behavior, or cuts from fingernails.

Many common reasons

  • Anal rips (fissures). The delicate muscle inside the anal canal and all over anal area can tear during penetration. The rips are usually due to friction, but fingernails can be responsible. Pain, particularly with bowel evacuations, usually accompanies bleeding from fissures.
  • Dilated veins (external or internal hemorrhoids).