Based in Miami and globally present, Arquitectonica is a major player on the world architectural stage.  For nearly 40 years, its award-winning reputation for bold modernism has been pushing the limits of innovation with geometry, pattern, and color. Today, they are pioneers of global acclaim with projects such as the Microsoft Europe Headquarters in Paris, the Bronx Museum and Westin Times Square in New York, Festival Walk and the Cyberport Technology Campus in Hong Kong, the Infinity Towers in San Francisco, and the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.


Inspired to develop design solutions capable of addressing a bold and modern aesthetic,  ArquitectonicaInteriors brings a talent for connected, inviting space to offices, corporate headquarters, retail locations, and public buildings throughout the world. The firm’s philosophy is based on the principle of designing a unique interiors experience that reflects a thought process that honors the use and culture of a destination, with inventive expressions that create a distinctive identity for each project.


Mariano Ferrante is one of the leaders of current geometric abstraction in Argentina and Latin American.
He became one of the main figures in the resurgence of constructivism, Kinetic and Optical Art in the international art scene. His works exude an energy and optimism that are as relevant and necessary today as they were almost one century ago. However, Ferrante builds upon these idea and bring something new, fresh and relevant to our society today.
Ferrante’s works has been exhibited in Argentina, New York and Hong Kong.


Studio Roberto Rovira is a boutique design firm known for their detail-oriented, artistically obsessive, technically inclined work in environmental and living landscape installations. Led by the mission of making the world a better place, the hallmarks of Roberto Rovira design are a connectedness to the natural surroundings of the world, in arrangements that are forward thinking and reflect modern attitudes and preferences. 


CK Prive Group is a development venture and affiliate of both Prive Land Banking LLC and CK Holding Group. Together, our partnership brings over 60 years of global experience in investment, management, development, and construction. The group focuses on strategic investments in land for development of commercial and multifamily projects, as well as strategic investments in various asset classes of real estate throughout South Florida. Our diversified portfolio commercial and residential properties throughout South Florida consists of numerous prime development sites throughout the Greater Downtown Miami area, Aventura, North Miami Beach, Miami’s Upper Eastside, and Southern Broward County. Bellow you will find a brief bio of each member in our unique and innovative development collective:

Prive Land Banking, LLC (PLB) is a division of Prive Group, which was established in 2001 as a diversified investment and development firm with primary operations throughout South Florida. At the core of its business model is the ability to function as a bridge between raw potential and equitable opportunity.  PLB focuses on markets exhibiting fundamentals for continued growth through demographic change, municipal and cultural initiatives, as well as marked signs of development and gentrification. In other words, we identify the “path of progress” and seek to position ourselves within it. PLB seeks to secure land in prime areas throughout South Florida for current and future development. The company creates value through strategic acquisition involving assemblage, acquiring entitlements and/or seeking variances or adjustments in density.

CK Holding Group is an innovative group of companies founded 20 years ago by a group of investors from Asia and Latin America that focused on establishing commercial relationships between both continents. In 2000, the group began an investment initiative geared towards commercial property acquisition, development, and management in the United States. With a specific US focus on Florida, CK Holding Group set out to acquire, develop, and/or build commercial properties including shopping centers, warehouse, office and showrooms, in order to meet the various needs and expectations of growing communities throughout the state of Florida. Today, CK Holding Group has amassed a diversified portfolio through its strategic acquisitions, successful ground up developments, and land holdings for future innovative developments. CK strives to bring structures that create interest and intrigue by incorporating new ideas in the form of extraordinary architecture that speaks to the greater areas they serve.

H & M Development LLC belongs to an international group that has been in the construction business for close to 60 years. H&M Development is a full service company active in development, general contracting and shell construction. H & M has been actively involved in the real estate business for more than 25 years and has successfully completed projects totaling more than 10 million square feet in Colombia, Venezuela and Florida.

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