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Financial Aid for 24-Year-Old Returning to School?

Concern: I will be 24 years and want to be in college in 2010. We made an income that is annual of25,000. Will I qualify for educational funding of $12,000?

At age 24, you will be considered an “Independent Student,” which means that universities can look at only your income along with other savings and can not consist of those of the superior papers com parents. For most 24-year-olds, this is great news, because it usually means they are going to qualify for more educational funding than if the parents’ figures were within superior papers com the help calculation.

Your annual income of $25,000 should mean that your EFC (Expected Family share) is low and that you will be eligible for financial aid in order to make the difference up between your contribution and the price of your training.

You can calculate your EFC by making use of a calculator that is online as this 1: http://apps.collegeboard.com/fincalc/efc_welcome.jsp make sure to check both “Federal’ and “Institutional” methodology on the questionnaire because this may mirror the varying techniques the colleges on your list superiorpapers com review may determine your monetary need.

If you already fully know where you’re applying, check to see should your college requires just the FAFSA type or also the CSS Profile kind. When your university does never require the Profile, then the “Federal Methodology” EFC will affect you. Then the “Institutional superiorpapers Methodology” EFC will be a reasonable approximation of what you will be expected to pay if your college DOES require the Profile.